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Why Pokémon Go Might Just Be The Perfect Dating App For Over 40s

Why Pokémon Go Might Just Be The Perfect Dating App For Over 40s

You’'ve most likely heard of Pokémon Go - the new smartphone gaming sensation that hit the UK in July 2016. What’s interesting about the game, as well as it’s addictive format, is that it’s smashing the charts for all your favourite communication apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook. What’s even more interesting is it’s also leaving dating apps like Tinder and Hinge dead in the water.

I assure you, gaming isn’t just for kids, and I believe Pokémon Go could just be the new perfect dating app for over 40s. Here’s why…

What Even Is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon is a Nintendo franchise. It originally launched in the 1990s, where ‘trainers’ travel the world to catch monsters like rats and dragons and use these to fight each other. The trainer’s goal is to “catch em all,” and become a Pokemon master.

Sounds a bit childish, right? Bare with me here!

The reason why people are jumping on the Pokémon Go-Wagon is that the game uses your phone’s GPS and clock to decide which Pokémon appear in the game.

The unique thing about this game, is that Pokémon won’t come to you - players have to get out into the open to “catch em all.” It’s an interesting phenomenon because it’s changing the way we game, and creating millions of new gamers.

Isn’t Pokémon Go Just For Kids?

No. You would think it’s just another faddy game for kids to play, but according to Civic Science data, the 35-54 age group makes up 19% of current and interested Pokémon-catchers. It’s also been noted that people who are playing or will play are less likely to be married.

What’s All The Fuss About, and Why Would I be Interested in Pokémon Go?

Despite its very recent debut (July 2016), Pokémon Go already has more daily users than Twitter, Instagram, Hinge, Tinder, WhatsApp & Snapchat and players apparently spend more time with it than they do on Facebook.

Data released by shows that Pokémon Go is already showing its potential as “the latest, greatest (albeit unintended) dating app.”

Now do you understand where I am going with this?!

5 Reasons Why Pokémon Go Is The Perfect New Dating App For The Over 40s

Augmented Reality is the Future of Dating Apps

Augmented reality is already tipped to change the way people relate to sex and dating. Pokémon Go is actually a highly modern way to meet a mate being embraced by millions of people across the world.

Pokémon Go Is Far More Social Than Other Dating Apps

This is no home-alone swiping! Tinder or Hinge is more of a solo activity, only meeting people if you match, whereas Pokémon Go provides an easy platform in which to meet people in person from the get go.

Pokémon Go Provides Instant Relatability With Strangers & Potential Mates

Pokémon Go players all have at least one thing in common. You all play Pokémon Go. You’ve got that instant conversation starter to fill that silence that everyone dreads, which makes for a more comfortable and natural meet-up.

Pokémon Go Provides Perfectly Nerdy Pick-up Lines

With so many single people embracing the app, it’s inevitable that you’ll bump into someone you like whilst out playing and exploring. This gives you many perfect opportunity to serve strangers a nerdy pick up line. Ask your Poké-mate which Pokémon is easiest to catch? What level are you on? Just look out for a wedding ring to avoid disappointment.

Being Active Makes You More Attractive

Not only has the introduction of the Pokémon Go game meant that people are getting out and about more often, the health benefits of being active are making you more attractive to potential mates. A rosy glow in your cheeks and a smile on your face whilst you catch that rare Pokémon is a total turn on.

So, have I convinced you to start using Pokémon Go as a dating app?

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