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The Over 40s are taking control of Online Dating

The Over 40s are taking control of Online Dating

We analysed over 1 million online dating memberships, showing that singles over 40 are proving that commitment to online dating increases with age.


Over 40s are 313% more committed to online dating than the under 40s, making time multiple times a day to log in to their dating site profiles. The over 40s login to their profiles 4.64 times on average a day, compared to the under 40s who log in just 1.22 times per day. The over 60s, however, log in to their profiles 5.46 times daily, proving themselves to be 88% more committed to finding what they're looking for than the average online dater.


Singles over 40 are 127% more likely to have a more detailed online dating profile than under 40s, but it’s the over 70s showing everyone how it’s done, with the most detailed profi rate of all age groups.


Mature online daters know they’re less to attract attention without a photo, which is why you’ll be 3% more likely to find a picture on the profile of a single over 40.

When it comes to photo upload rate, the younger generation are close behind the over 40s. This indicates that because of the vast behavioural differences between the two age groups in other areas, over 40s may be showing reluctance to upload photos.

Due to the low profile completion rate of the under 40s (only 11% of under 40’s online dating profiles are complete), this age group may be relying more on attracting attention with a photo alone, hoping their looks will get them a date.

The over 70s seemingly continue to put their all into online dating, with a 12% above average photo upload rate.


Our analysis shows that the over 40s commit to dating online for an average of 290 days - 8% more than the under 40s analysed.

We found that it’s those within the 40 - 49 age bracket who date for the shortest period. With membership lengths 11% less than the average online dater, the 40 somethings are finding love quicker than all other age groups.

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