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Matthew Morgan - Relationship Expert

I have extensive professional experience in the online-dating scene. This includes individually coached men and women, writing articles and speaking at industry events. I also worked for one of the world’s largest online-dating sites and am today a co-founder of the new dating/matchmaking app called Cuplin.

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Interview: Over 60s Dating Discussion with Dating Experts

How long do you think it typically takes singles over 60 to find a relationship using senior online dating, and why?

Depends on how serious the individual is on finding a companion. In my experience for those who are committed and using multiple services typically 4-6 months from start to success. A couple of months trial, error and disappointment. A couple of months of getting it right and going on dates. And a month or two of monogamous dating. Multiple sites is key to success as you broaden the field at first (first couple of months) and quickly work out which is more suited to you (next few months).

Do you think there are different success rates for men and women over 60 when senior online dating?

No, success is based on similar backgrounds. We see success (fairly generally, but in particular) for boomers who are looking for similar age and life-stage. Recently divorced generally work better with recently divorced. Long-term singles with long-term singles. Similar socio-demographic etc. In talking with over 60's there is generally a feeling of not wanting to waste time and finding someone who understands them (not needs to change or change for them). So similarity is often key.

What's your no.1 tip for singles over 60 starting senior online dating?

Your profile pic needs to be "you on a good day recently". Don't waste time (yours or anyone else's) using a photo of you 15 years ago... on vacation. It's even worth while having a professional do a collection for you (head shot, full body etc).

What is the number one mistake people over 60 make when senior online dating?

Not putting enough time and effort into their profile. The more effort put into it the more success you'll get out. Also, ask for feedback when you meet people. It may be brutal, but it'll save much effort.

What's the best question for senior singles over 60 to ask someone when messaging them for the first time online?

We see a lot of success in the statement/question 1,2 approach. Make a statement and follow with an invite. For (basic) example - I like live music, what was the last music you saw live? This way, you've stated something you like, conveying your personality and asked them a question. Maybe they go all the time, maybe it's been forever. Either way if they are interested too, it leads to an opportunity to set up a date.

What is your most favourite over 60 online dating success story?

Any story where people have worked at making it a success is my favorite and there are plenty of them. The stigma of online-dating is long gone and it is THE place to start for anyone seeking companionship - over 60 or otherwise.