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Kemi Sogunle - Author, Certified Professional Coach and International Speaker

Kemi Sogunle is an award-winning author, international speaker, certified professional life and relationship coach. She is also the Founder/CEO of the nonprofit organization (501c3), Love Not Hurt, an organization that promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships while living with purpose.

She is dedicated to helping others transform their lives through self-development and growth, gaining knowledge and understanding of self-love and who they are before becoming involved in a relationship, find what works best and how to stay true to oneself while connecting with others to build solid relationships that will make their lives better not bitter. She believes that living truthfully is paramount to long-lasting relationships and healthy living..

Books Published:

  • Love, Sex, Lies and Reality
  • Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart
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    Interview: Expert Thoughts on Over 40s Dating

    What are the differences between under 40s online dating and over 40s online dating?

    Online dating over 40 is more challenging. Over 40s know what they need, are independent and are more specific about the type of partner they are looking for. Under 40s on the other hand may be more willing to compromise and try to go on a date with anyone they meet online.

    Under 40s are looking more at getting married while over 40s may not necessarily make that their primary focus. Over 40s are more concerned with financial conditions and are not willing to settle for someone who is not financial stable.

    How long do you think it typically takes singles over 40 to find a relationship using online dating, and why?

    It takes much longer for singles over 40 to find a relationship using online dating. This is because those over 40 are not looking to play games or engage in ghosting.

    They have their needs identified, the have set goals and standards and are looking for partners who will compliment those needs, goals and standards. Compatibility is key for those over 40.

    Do you think there are different success rates for men and women over 40s when online dating? If yes, why?

    I think it is more easier for men over 40 to find dates online than women over 40. Women over 40 are not interested in casual dating but are looking for commitment since their priorities have changed with age.

    What's your no.1 tip for singles over 40 starting online dating?

    Know what you need, be honest with yourself and be willing to be calculated risk and be vulnerable not gullible.

    What is the number one mistake people over 40 make when online dating, and why?

    Most people over 40 settle for less and sometimes rush into a relationship because they get impatient with waiting.

    What's THE best question for singles over 40 to ask someone when messaging them for the first time online?

    What are you looking for in a partner?

    What is your most favourite over 40 online dating success story?

    Seeing two people who live long distance meet online, set up travel schedules for meet up, discover their compatibility and eventually get married.

    Dating Tips by Kemi Sogunle:

    Know What You Need

    Dating is not what it used to be when you were younger. It is very vital that you know what you need so that it becomes easier to meet someone who will compliment you based on your needs and be a good match.

    Be Yourself

    Relax, get comfortable and be yourself.

    Pay Close Attention

    Words often have actions tied in when spoken. Pay close attention to the words uttered so you can better get a feel for the actions therein. Be vulnerable but not gullible.

    Learn To Be Friends First

    Don't rush the dating process. Get to know and understand your partner and let things flow from the friendship level.

    Decide If You’d Like To Remain Friends

    If your partner does not want to go on a second date, do not feel rejected but thank them for the first date. If you feel rejected after the first date, it may be that your partner is second-guessing themselves or they don’t know what they need. You can also decide if you want to remain friends. It does not hurt to keep mutual friendship as you never know what can happen later on in life.

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