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27 Totally Free & Fun Date Ideas For Over 40s

27 Totally Free & Fun Date Ideas For Over 40s

Planning a date? Lacking a bit of inspiration, and maybe a bit of cash, too? That doesn’t have to get in the way or your pursuit of love. These 27 fun, free date ideas won’t cost you a penny, are perfectly varied and will suit a variety of different interests, personalities and activity levels. After all, love doesn’t cost a thing!

1. Visit A Local Art Exhibition

There are always plenty of free art and culture exhibitions in larger towns. Why not become art critics for the day and you never know, you might be inspired to create your own masterpieces afterwards.

2. Enjoy An Amatuer Night At A Bar

If you check out your local paper’s ‘what’s on’ guide, you’ll be sure to find lots of free events put on by your local bars to suit you and your date’s taste. Take your pick from comedy, open mic or band nights.

3. Attend A Concert or Rock Out At A Festival

All throughout the year there are free events run by local councils that aim to entertain local people and showcase local talent for free. It could be a daytime festival, or an evening concert that you decide on, and there is usually something for all tastes.

4. Visit A Farm

With a quick google search. there are plenty of farms that open their doors for free all year round. Visit the local ‘wildlife’ and wander round as you get to know your date.

5. Tour A Brewery Or Winery

Find out if your local brewery or winery hosts free tours. You may even receive some great free samples! Failing that, lots of local wine shops have free tastings in the hope you’ll take a bottle or two home.

6. Host A Games Night

Love thrashing people at Cluedo? Why not gather a bunch of board games and get competitive with your date.

7. Go On A City Tour

Have you ever really explored your local town or city through the eyes of a tourist? Visit and learn about your local landmarks and look up at the architecture, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve not noticed before.

8. Take A Free Class

Check to see if your local library runs any free classes. It could be life drawing, flower arranging, writing, or even a storytelling session, but whatever it is, it will be a fun way to get to know your date.

9. Take Your Dog/s For A Walk

Visit a beautiful park and let your dogs explore whilst you chat and take in your surroundings. You can even take a picnic or a bottle of wine to enjoy when you need to take a pit-stop.

10. Go Stargazing

On a clear night, there’s nothing more romantic than getting horizontal and gazing into the sky. See how many constellations you can spot, and even make up your own.

11. Host A Movie Night

Get popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy a movie or two. You could even have a movie marathon which lasts all day.

12. Watch The Sunset On The Beach

If you live near a beach, a romantic date would be to watch the sun go down over the sea whilst you enjoy getting to know each other.

13. Enjoy A Dusk Picnic

This is a great way to beat the crowds as a park or public space goes quiet, and the dimming light makes for a romantic setting for a delicious picnic.

14. Go On A Bike Ride

A bike ride is the perfect fun date for those who like to get active whilst exploring the local sights.

15. Visit A Museum

Local museums are usually free, so why not learn a few new things whilst you enjoy the company of your date. This is especially good if you run out of things to say, as there’ll always be something to talk about at a museum!

16. Go For A Walk

Love to walk? Not only is it an especially great way to keep active, on a lovely bright day it’s the perfect way to get to know someone new.

17. Go Crabbing

If you live near a harbour or port, there is lots of fun to be had. Crabs love a little bacon on a string, and you could have a contest on how many you can catch!

18. Play Card Games

Teach each other the card games you know and while away the hours getting competitive. You can play cards anywhere - at home, on a bus or train trip, in the park.

19. Visit A Farmer’s Market

Most towns have a farmer’s market from time to time. Wander round the market as you taste the local delicacies with lots of delicious free samples.

20. Go On A Scenic Drive

Sun shining? Rain pouring? Either way, driving around the countryside with your date is a lovely way to get to know each other.

21. Have A Skill Swapping Session

Are they a killer cook, and you a bit handy with a paintbrush? Why not take it in turns to teach each other what you’re good at?

22. Watch The Clouds

A simple way to while away the hours on a nice day, cloud watching is a perfect relaxing date for those who like to take the pace a little slower.

23. Fly A Kite

On a windy day why not take the opportunity to showcase your kite flying skills. The fresh air and chasing after the kite will make for a refreshing and fun date.

24. Have A Treasure Hunt Adventure

Set up a treasure hunt and watch your date try to solve the clues. The prize at the end of the hunt could be a bottle of fizz with two glasses to enjoy.

25. Test Drive A Car

Yes, you may have to pretend you want to buy it, but what a fun way to spend some time driving around in a swanky new car!

26. Have A Come Dine With Me Contest

Invite your date over, and have a come dine with me contest by taking it turns to make a course.

27. Play Truth or Dare

Perhaps one for a third or fourth date, this is a great way to get to know the inner secrets of your love interest. Just don’t make the truths and dares too tricky otherwise you’ll end up with an embarrassed and awkward date!

So, now you’ve chosen your date activity, you may want to brush up on your first date conversational skills. Most of all, have fun, be safe and enjoy!

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