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Companion or Love?

Companion or Love?

When individuals of a certain age are re-entering the dating world, there are a number of things that they are looking for. Some are looking to date again after a long break, due to the loss of their partner. Some are finally ready and recovered from after a divorce. No matter what the reason they are seeking a partner again, the reason they want one is varied. Some people are looking for love again, and strongly believe, or at least hope, that a love like what they had exists. Some are not sure what they are looking for, but are hopeful that they can find a genuine romantic connection. Others are looking for a life partner. Someone who they enjoy, that they can live out their years with, and to spend time and experiences with.

The most important factor is for people to take a hard look at themselves, and be honest about what it is they are looking for and want for themselves. There needs to be no pressure or influence of others. It does not matter what others think they should want or need, what matters is what they are truly looking for. Some might think someone saying they are genuinely looking for a life partner to enjoy their years with as settling, while this is exactly what they want. There is a bias towards people who are honest about, and happy about this type of relationship. People will often push their own needs and beliefs on people, as they know this is not what they want and need.

The important thing is for each of us to be respectful of each other and our individual needs. Maybe someone has had the love of their life, and has no interest in replacing that. They only want a companion. Someone else might want to believe that a love like that exists for them, and feel they will only be happy if they find it again. There is even another group that just wants to date, have fun, enjoy life experiences, and have someone along for the ride. That idea might be very hard for some to swallow, as they think relationships should be serious, monogamous, and moving in a direction of a serious commitment. However, each of us has to remember that we each want different things, and we need to be respectful and supportive of what others are looking for, for their personal happiness.

To be a good friend is to be supportive of what someone wants for themselves and their personal happiness. To be a partner can mean many different things. What we wanted for ourselves when we were younger might be very different from what we are looking for now. Time, experience, loss, has made us re-evaluate what will make us happy, and how we want to spend the rest of our time in this world. Do not be ashamed, so not be influenced, and be happy and sure of your choices. What matters most is what the right fit is for you!

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