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#AskJulie: My date was in a robe...Help!

#AskJulie: My date was in a robe...Help!

#AskJulie: My date answered the door in a robe...Help!

Dear Julie,

I’ve gone on two dates now with a gent who’s company I truly enjoy-we share a love of art, classic bond movies and he’s a perfect host. Just one thing…each time they’re at his flat and each time he’s worn a robe! As you can imagine, having him answer the door that way was a bit shocking and I was tempted to turn around and go home fearful of what lay ahead. I didn’t since coincidentally we have a mutual friend we’d discovered in our pre-date chats so I knew he’s not a sexual offender! Still it’s terribly awkward- (no clue if anything’s underneath!) and he doesn’t even ask if it makes me uncomfortable. Am I just getting old? Am I being prudish? What should I do?


Dear Awkward aka Am I Dating Hugh Hefner,

Apologies but I had to laugh when I read this as it stirred up visions of a what a date with Hugh Hefner might be like at his Playboy Mansion…Okay seriously this is odd, AND I’m glad someone you know knows him or you def should have bolted the moment he opened the door.

I had a similar experience not too long ago when I showed up at this gents house and found him in a robe. I handled it with humor stating ‘clearly I overdressed’ but the rest of the evening pointed to signs that this fellow had some serious OCD issues not to mention being a little too inconsiderate of how I might feel about his wardrobe or lack thereof.. Needless to say that was our last date but that was because I wasn’t into him…If I was I would have asked him straight out…which leads me Back to you… I think you have every right to ask him why he never has ‘clothes’ on and share that it makes you uncomfortable… The best and most honest approach is to ask him outright and preface it with the fact of how much you enjoy his company, but his wearing a robe or towel makes you uncomfy… Give him a moment and wait for his response which should clear things up for the better or worse… If you prefer not to ask, Here’s a ‘revolutionary’ idea… suggest rather then staying in, going out for a date…i.e. being in public! If he shows up in a robe or towel then clearly it’s time to ‘throw the towel’ in, stay home, put your robe on and start a new search on-line for Mr. Robeless Right!



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